It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has robbed Canadians of many activities such as dining out, vacations, being with friends and family, and our beloved hockey games. But the most priceless thing COVID-19 stole from us has been our mental health. Being stuck inside, day in and day out…

Twist writes about the emotional transformation from Trauma into Healing through her poem’s acknowledgment to theme of the “Self”. Twists exploration into Indigenous themes of the postmodern Other Woman, the Indigenous Queer Identity, Indigenous Womanism and how they are impacted by Settler-Colonialism. The poems give a voice to the collective of Indigenous people that face these traumas everyday.

Author of Disintegrate/Dissociate, Arielle Twist is of Cree descent, specifically Nehiyaw, and identifies as a Two-Spirit, trans women from George Gordon First Nation, Saskatchewan. Being one of the largest indigenous communities, the Canadian Cree community lives north and west of Lake Superior, and in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and…

Alanna Sabatino

M.A. in English Literature ~ Canadian ~ Writer ~ Creative ~ She/her

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