The Collective “I” and the LGBT Voice in Twist’s Collection.

Twist writes about the emotional transformation from Trauma into Healing through her poem’s acknowledgment to theme of the “Self”. Twists exploration into Indigenous themes of the postmodern Other Woman, the Indigenous Queer Identity, Indigenous Womanism and how they are impacted by Settler-Colonialism. The poems give a voice to the collective of Indigenous people that face these traumas everyday.

Figure 1. “Disintegrate/Dissociate poetry collection and author, Arielle Twist”. Arielle Twist explores grief in her poetry and finds a home in the Indigenous arts community,, April 2019,
Figure 3. @ArielleTwist. “It was an honour to talk about my makeup and the legacies of beautiful women I come from — My mother, alongside my kokums and aunties, have always been the inspirations for what I wanted to be when I grew up; Unapologetically Indigenous, beautiful and femme.” Twitter, 10 Sept, 2020, 10:46 am,

“While these men choke you

beat you in bathroom stalls

crush your ribs against brick walls

in queer bars, downtown home.” (41)

“Queerness and indigeneity not intersecting quietly

white queers policing your existence

indigenous blood telling you that you’re

a new generation problem.” (40)

Figure 3. “Author Arielle Twist is an Indigenous and trans woman originally from Saskatchewan.” CBC Saskatchewan, Facebook, December 2019,

“two selves

not whole, not mine

not quite yet” (32)



M.A. in English Literature ~ Canadian ~ Writer ~ Creative ~ She/her

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Alanna Sabatino

M.A. in English Literature ~ Canadian ~ Writer ~ Creative ~ She/her